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Pitting olives at the kitchen table and 2/3 of the kids are there eating them as I pit them.

Ha. Those ARE my kids alright.

Today Freddie Mercury would have been 65.

This is one of my favorites. I love the energy.

That topped EVERYTHING for me.

This is pointless.

Confession: When I eat a sandwich, I don't want the mayo or mustard touching the cheese. It's gross. I also didn't notice until my aunt said something that I squish down my bread, just like my mom does. I also like chips on my sandwich. Barbecue ones are good on tuna fish.

on probation.

If I'm not sleeping, I should be taking my online driver's safety course, but no way. That would make too much sense.
I wish people would get considerably less shit for admitting their human foibles from everyone else. The longer you live, the more you learn that you're not the only one in the boat you're in.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Adrian Michael!

Here's a picture where he looks far more ginger than he really is. Even with my husband being blonde up until he was 7, I still feel astounded that I have a kid with such light features. My friend Daphne calls him my recessive gene baby.

From the time he was born, he has been naturally inquisitive--to a point of ignoring his own basic needs (nursing) so he could explore the world around him. Last summer when we took him to Great America, he was more interested in the mechanics of the merry-go-round (looking up at the gears) vs. actually enjoying being on the ride.

Today for his birthday he picked out a set of African American twin baby dolls for his birthday, which is sort of a surprise, but he tucked one under each arm. We had some donuts for lunch (yeah, not that far of a stretch), and came home to the pleasant surprise of our power finally being on after being out since Monday morning.

Laura, look at this.

Chris Colfer also apparently knows some ASL. I knew I caught this at our show. Another fan who went to our 8:00 show said he's signing Chicago, but there's 1) more than 7 letters, 2) and it doesn't end in O.

Also, is there anything Chris Colfer DOESN'T know how to do?


Glee Live

It was awesome, people. Everyone is so good, and Chris Colfer is so much more expressive than you can even imagine.

I have mostly video clips, but we were in 200 level seats. I knew the pictures wouldn't turn out. There was a screen, but it was really hard to get pictures on it too.

I have horrible aversions to opening acts, but the dance team they used was really phenomenal.

After the concert, Tiffany and I hung around an extra hour and a half at the fence waiting for someone, any of the cast to show up. I was happy that we met a kid about Alyssa's age who had the goal of "dancing with Brittany" and "marrying anyone in the cast," he didn't care who. (LOL)

Tiffany thought she saw Chris and Dianna run between tour buses and I was unfortunate enough to be standing behind her and not paying attention. She wound up flailing her right arm backwards and clocking me in the face. I swear, if I didn't have my glasses on, she very well may have given me a black eye.

We hung around for an hour and a half to no avail, and a girl walk past and read Lea's twitter that said they already left. We have tweeted them though, thanking them for a good performance and me letting them know of my potential injury.

Now my legs are sore from wearing 3 inch platform wedge heels for this time (I'm 5'4"--I needed the height!), driving home in bare feet.

Jun. 2nd, 2011

I always wonder if Freddie Mercury had any idea how much he would affect modern musical artists. Body Language popped into my head this morning. The video is so tongue-in-cheek, and so clever...yet cheesy (really? A BBBW falling into a cake?) all at the same time. And I still wish I had the "Snap" Brian May icon. :)