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If you want to add me:

1) This is a personal journal, not a fan fic one. Most of my mutual friends are moms like I am and I have been friends with them for years. This doesn't mean that ALL my friends are moms and they ALL share my opinions. I have some child-free friends, friends who are male, and friends who have different opinions about things than I do. (And I love all of them...that's why they have stuck around so long!)

2) I will be trying very hard to use this as a personal journal because there is no other outlet for certain things that I think or feel. I try not to use filters within my friends page. If I believe something is isolating to other people on my friends list: TMI, women's issues, attachment parenting stuff, I put those under cuts. If I have other issues that may be triggery for other people, I try my hardest to seek out someone who might help me with it before trying to post, and even then, at last resort, I WILL use a filter.

3) I am unintentionally funny, somewhat politically incorrect (I had to fix that one--and it's sort of an understatement), and not easily offended or squicked out. That being said, if I know you well, I can tolerate a lot.

If you can deal, add. :)


(If you're more interested in the things I like without all this other stuff, check out my tumblr or my twitter accounts. Details in my userinfo.)